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Important Fundraiser Information   On Your Marq - Fall, 2015 

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*See FAQs Below
Rutherford Elementary PTA
11/13 - 11/30
12/16 (Deliver-School)


'RutherfordHold' *

St Croix Preparatory Academy NHS11/23 - 12/6
12/17 (Deliver-School)


'SCPAHold' *

Partnership Plan: 
Stillwater School District
12/1 - 12/1012/17 (Ship from Stillwater)


Frequently Asked Questions - On Your Marq
Q:  Why do I have to enter a coupon code? What if I forget?
A:  At checkout, the coupon code allows us to track the orders for each fundraising organization and a smooth delivery. Additionally, if a mass delivery is planned (to a school for example), standard shipping costs will not be included.

Q:  Why would I add "Hold' to the end of my coupon code?
A:  Most commonly, if your order is a gift, the front office (or delivery destination) will hold your package for you. Once orders are complete and delivered, you will be notified to pick up your package.

Q:  What portion of the proceeds will our organization receive?
A:  Up to 40% of each item will go back to your organization. Since the items are all hand made/assembled, some items are more detailed and a smaller percentage will be donated.

Q:  What if I miss the order date for my organization?
A:  You can always order accessories on this website, but the fundraising component will be expired and shipping charges will apply.

Q:  Are these items available anywhere else besides ordering online?
A:  Yes, all items can be purchased/ordered at Marquess Studios in downtown Stillwater. Check out the front page of our website for additional information for upcoming events and open Studio hours.

Experience Something Special

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Trunk Show Fundraisers 

Interested in bringing us to your event location? ​​Send us a message and tell us about your event/organization!

About 'On Your Marq' Spirit Accessories  by Marquess Studios

A significant portion of our business is aligned with fundraising efforts to help non-profits raise money to support their mission with intentional and meaningful products/experiences.

Shortly after opening, Tara designed some accessories for a school fundraiser using the school district's mascot. From there, 'On Your Marq' spun off as a separate brand of Marquess Studios, offering a distinct line of accessories for schools, sports teams and organizations. The mix is influenced by Marquess Studios' vintage designs, resulting in a super cool, fresh approach to branded accessories and fundraising, helping organizations meet their "marq". ​If you are interested in seeing some sample custom designs and partnering with Marquess Studios, please fill out the form below.